The TruckingMBA is a comprehensive platform that empowers owner-operators and small carriers in the trucking and logistics world. It offers expert-led courses, engaging community discussions, invaluable mastermind groups, and a wealth of resources tailored to your needs. By joining the TruckingMBA, you can unlock limitless potential, elevate your business acumen, and drive your success to new heights.

To join the TruckingMBA Mastermind League of Champions, you can sign up through our platform. By becoming a part of this league, you’ll connect with like-minded trucking heroes who share their industry expertise and business acumen. Together, you’ll conquer challenges, ignite growth, and elevate each member to extraordinary heights in the trucking and logistics universe. The benefits include valuable networking opportunities, collaborative problem-solving, and access to insider insights from industry trailblazers.

VLocity Group is committed to providing excellent customer support and assistance to its clients. If you have any questions or need help with any of the services offered, you can reach out to our support team via email at or via phone at 423-641-0833. The support team is knowledgeable about the services provided and can address your inquiries, provide guidance, and assist with any technical issues or concerns you may have. VLocity Group strives to ensure that their clients receive timely and helpful support throughout their experience.

VLocity Group’s Drug Testing Consortium stands out in terms of reliability and compliance due to its commitment to quality service and extensive experience in the industry. VLocity Group has a deep understanding of DOT regulations and maintains partnerships with reputable drug testing centers across the country. The consortium ensures compliance by managing all necessary documentation, conducting random selections, and maintaining accurate records. Additionally, VLocity Group provides ongoing support and guidance to help companies navigate any regulatory changes and ensure their drug testing programs remain up to date.

The Drug Testing Consortium offered by VLocity Group is a comprehensive program that assists companies in establishing and maintaining compliant drug testing programs for their employees, particularly those subject to DOT regulations. The consortium streamlines the drug testing process by providing access to a network of certified drug testing centers, managing paperwork and documentation, ensuring proper random selection of drivers for testing, and maintaining records to demonstrate compliance. By joining the Drug Testing Consortium, your company can efficiently manage your drug testing program while meeting regulatory requirements.

Once you sign up with VLocity Group’s Drug Testing Consortium, the processing time to receive your Certificate of Enrollment can vary depending on various factors, including the specific requirements and regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT). However, VLocity Group strives to provide a prompt and efficient service. After completing the necessary enrollment steps and submitting the required information, We will work diligently to process your enrollment and provide you with the Certificate of Enrollment as quickly as possible.

Yes, VLocity Group assists with the preparation and submission of driver qualification files to regulatory authorities, including the Department of Transportation (DOT). Driver qualification files are essential for maintaining compliance with DOT regulations, and we understand the complexities involved in creating and managing these files. We provide expert guidance and support to ensure that your driver qualification files are complete, accurate, and up to date.

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